Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Babysitter

babysitter-questions1. Determine Your and Your Child’s Needs By Age
Your child’s age is one of the most important factors when looking for a sitter. For infants, you should look for a sitter with experience in newborn care and who has taken an infant CPR class. As your child becomes older and more rambunctious, you should look for someone who is fun and energetic, but can also set boundaries.
2. Talk on the Phone First
This will give you a sense of the potential sitter’s personality and the opportunity to ask about availability and pay. If the sitter’s schedule does not meet yours or she charges too much, there is no point in meeting in person. If the pay sounds reasonable, ask for references in order to do some research.
3. Set Up a Time to Meet in Person
If you like what you hear from the references, invite the sitter over to meet you and your child. This is a good time to see how she handles your infant or how she and your child interact. This is also a good time to discuss expectations such as sleep time, food options, etc. Get to know her more by asking these type of questions:
  • Are you working with any other families at the moment? If so, please describe the family.
  • Do you know how to prepare food for children?
  • How would you deal with a child who is behaving badly?
  • What activities do you enjoy doing while babysitting?

4. Found a Match? What To Do Next:
Leave all your emergency telephone numbers and information in a central location such as the fridge or kitchen counter. When the sitter arrives, walk her through the house one more time and make her feel comfortable. Try your best not to linger  around too long or else your child may get confused or upset.