You are pregnant! What’s Yoga got to do with it?

The is not a post about breathing…… : )
Yoga connects the dots between pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing

As a prenatal Yoga teacher of many years, I notice that while most women have taken a yoga class in their pre pregnant life – they flock to yoga once they are pregnant.  “It was the first thing my doctor/friend/co worker told me I should do”.
And it is a great piece of advice!  While often “Westernized” Yoga is often perceived as a form of exercise, Prenatal yoga heavily focuses on connecting the experience in body, mind and heart.  The same approach is essential for Child Birth and for Parenting.
And in that same way Yoga connects the dots between pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing.

While getting pregnant and starting a family often is an exciting evolution of our adult life, the physical experience is also challenging and laden with a lot of preconceived (no pun intended) negativity.  We tend to isolate the physical body experience from what our minds and hearts are going through.  Often the mind is anxious and fearful, often the heart is confused.  In both cases we tend to direct that negativity internally: eat away at our confidence, our feeling of well being and even at our partners.

While Yoga is a series of movements it is how we mobilize our thoughts and our emotions as we flow that makes it more profound.  Similarly for pregnancy, child birth and child rearing: 3 important guide lines as you flow through yoga and through this next stage of your life:

  1. Set realistic expectations (in yoga “listening to your body”)
  2. Staying out of the competitive parent ring (in yoga internalize your practice to your experience)
  3. It is not the quality of our physical movements that we should examine during our practice: It is the quality of our mind and heart observing ourselves as we flow.

Happy Parenting and B R E A T H….