We all need a moms group – which one is right for me?

New moms-What is the right group for you? Here is the difference between our mom group and our moms circle:
The Mom’s circle : our comprehensive moms’ group. Casual, educational and social, for you and your baby
In this series you will meet with a set group of moms and babies, creating a strong social network of moms.  The circle meets in a facilitated group, where we explore in depth important topics relating to baby’s physical, mental and emotional development and to your evolution as a mom, as a partner in parenting, with a focus on your self care and well being.  Facilitated by Sharone
Recommended for moms with babies 2months – precrawling
Mom baby group : our drop in sessions. Come with your babies, for this facilitated group talking through your questions, baby’s milestones and your experiences transitioning to motherhood. Recommended for moms with babies 0-6 months