The Truth Behind Teething

Your baby’s first tooth will appear between the ages of 3 and 7 months, although some babies get their tooth a bit earlier and others a bit later. All 20 baby teeth will be present when your child is around 2 1/2 years old. When your baby starts drooling, they are most likely starting the teething process. Other symptoms include puffy or swollen gums, putting fingers in mouth, and fussiness.

What Causes the Pain?
Not the teeth cutting through the gums; this is a common misconception. Baby’s teeth do not cut through the flesh of the gums. Biologically, special chemicals are released that cause the cells in the gum to separate and recede, allowing new teeth to come through. This process is not painful. Think about when you were 7 years old and had an adult tooth come in after you lost your baby tooth. Did that hurt?

Pain is in the Bacteria.
Pain during teething is generally a result of infection or inflammation of the gum tissue, which is generally caused by bacteria and food deposits getting caught in tiny gum flaps around the emerging tooth.

Preventing the Pain:
Dentists recommend beginning dental care before the first baby tooth even appears. Clean baby’s gums everyday to reduce bacteria and food build-up by using a clean gauze and cooled, boiled water or baby Dental Wipes. To relieve the current pain, take a look at our teething guide below for other great products that help.