My fiancée and I just took the Childbirth Preparation class with Kelly Gray this past weekend and it was fantastic. Kelly made us feel right at home immediately and is just a wealth of information. We walked out of the class having a better understanding of what to expect emotionally and physically from childbirth. We really liked the fun and intimate atmosphere and felt that all of our questions had been answered. I especially loved and appreciated the focus on the partner and their role, and the focus on the connection between partners. We had already hired a doula, but if we hadn’t, we would’ve definitely wanted Kelly to be part of our team!

– Angie Z.

As the class was in preparation for our first baby, we went into the class with lots of basic questions – Kelly was so supportive and no question seemed too obvious or too small.  She also stayed a few minutes late each session to ensure that we fit in the desired material.

The class was a great mix of teaching, experiential learning, demos, and visuals.  I loved that she allowed time to connect with your partner & encouraged us to do some of this labor prep work right there…rather than hoping we’d figure it out later. It was clear that the class was personalized to suit our needs – she continually checked in with us to see what our wants/needs were, and adjusted the class content accordingly.   Her knowledge and comfort with the material allowed her to be flexible on the fly & I was confident that she knew what she was talking about!

All of our questions were answered & we left the class feeling as prepared as one can be for labor!

Kelly is clearly passionate about her work.  Her appreciation & trust of a woman’s body is evident & proves that she’s in the right field!   I’d definitely recommend her classes!

– Ali, mother to-be

I just wanted to thank you for a great class.  We got more out of it than we expected.  It really helped Fernando and I to connect on another level and talk about our concerns and really help each other through this journey we are about to partake.

And we really appreciated the handouts and CD.  We are reading the first meditation in the book every night.  It’s a great way to end the day. I left the class excited about going through labor -crazy, right?!  I definitely feel empowered thanks to you. Wishing you all the best this Holiday season and a Happy New Year!

– Maryann and Fernando

Wonderful birthing class.  Kelly addressed everyone’s questions very thoughtfully.  She keeps the groups quite small, and that makes for a very warm, welcoming environment.  Well worth it.

– Em C.

My husband and I took the child birth prep class last weekend with Kelly and were blown away by how informational and well-run it was. Kelly’s curriculum for the two-day session was perfect. The information about the natural birth process and possible induction steps was exactly what we needed, but we especially liked the partner exercises that helped us connect with one another and communicate about our expectations and needs through the labor and birth process.We are now in a better position to approach these next steps confidently and armed with information to help us make informed decisions. I highly recommend this class for any first time parents-to-be!

– Addrienne C.

I took the childbirth prep class with Kelly Gray this past weekend and found it really helpful. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since there wasn’t as much info online about Carmel Blue’s classes versus classes offered elsewhere, but I was not disappointed.  The class was well organized, had a good pace, very comfortable atmosphere, and was really informative.  The class spent time focusing on the role of the partner and figuring out one’s priorities for their childbirth experience.  I wasn’t really expecting that from the class, but I very much appreciated it.  The class also covered the childbirth basics, and did so in a way that makes me feel much more prepared for the experience.  I would definitely recommend the class to others.

– Kimberly M.