Postnatal Classes

CB postnatal classes will be on summer hiatus till September.  Sign up for Newsletter to be the first to know when our classes are back.

Baby Classes

Mom and Baby Music and Sensory Play

You and your baby will learn songs, engage in active play and find out ways to interact with your baby, stimulating their senses, encouraging their development / hand eye coordination through music, touch, finger play and more!

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Dedicated Mom & Baby Circle

Our mommy and baby circle series is specially designed to help guide, educate and support you, as you navigate the challenging and joyful terrain of motherhood.
Designed as a regular weekly meeting with the same moms, babies and facilitator, we will explore in depth a different baby an age-relevant topic each session and address your questions and concerns. We will delve deep into topics such as sleep, parenting philosophies, communications w/partner and much more. You will leave each session with personal recommendations, tips and even homework.

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Introduction to Baby Sign Language

Stop guessing what your baby is trying to tell you. Baby Sign Language gives babies the opportunity to communicate long before they can verbalize their wants and needs. Signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration, enhances a child’s self esteem, and deepens the bond between parent and child. Start learning Baby Sign Language now.

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Baby Sign Language playgroup

Our playgroup series is a fun way to build your signing vocabulary with themes like mealtime, animals, colors, family, bedtime, and more. Twelve themes are split into two different six-day series, Playgroup Boom and Playgroup Zoom. Choose either Boom or Zoom; only one series is needed to attain the skills and confidence to sign effectively. However, you are welcome to enroll in the other series for the fun social time and to expand your vocabulary.

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Baby Sleep Solutions

This in-depth workshop by Sleep Expert Angelique Millette, will help parents understand how to establish good sleep habits and a healthy schedule for their babies and for themselves. She reviews several different baby sleep methods and helps parents tailor their approach according to their own needs and abilities.

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Infant Massage with Kari Marble

Nothing provides your child with more confidence and a sense of well-being than a parent’s loving touch. Learn ways to enhance your bonding time with your baby, while providing comfort to both of you, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Mom & Baby group 0-4 months

New moms, come share the highs, the lows and the stuff in between. Carmel Blue Mommy group is a social/support/ information group with facilitation. Gain insights, information, answers to your questions and lasting friendships to help support you through early motherhood. Our regular check ins will cover many topics such as travel w/baby, daily schedules, tummy time tricks and tips, newborn crying and calming and much more

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Mommy & Baby Playgroup 6 months +

Now that your baby is past 6 months – join us for free play at Carmel Blue . These are casual sessions without facilitation, get to meet other moms and dads, play with other babies and enjoy a community of like minded parents. Please bring a baby blanket and wipes. Also bring a favorite toy for your child.

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Mommy/Baby Fitness & Yoga

This class presents a progressive, evidence-based workout series that combines revolutionary core exercises proven to strengthen and firm overstretched abdominal muscles (no matter how old your kids are!) with total body moves that recruit every muscle to truly transform the body. You will train smart as you sweat during these invigorating workouts.

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Toddler Classes

123 Toddler Connect!

123 CONNECT is one of those rare classes that is not only fun but is also educational for the toddlers and the adults present. Each week parents can expect to learn real-time strategies that will help develop their child’s independence, a sense of connection and build emotional intelligence.

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