Is Your Baby Now A Toddler?

Here are the 5 Signs :

1. Mobility
Your baby is now more mobile and with mobility comes bruises from all the falls and tumbles they take with their steps toward independence.
2. Communication
Baby is now babbling with greater diversity, making new sound combinations and intonations. You may also notice baby trying to imitate your speech, putting consonants and vowels together.
3. Surprising Behaviors
Your baby is now doing things like hiding your keys, phone, and remotes. Or refusing food, biting, and other behaviors you have never experienced with them before.
4. Whining
You will notice that your baby’s cry is now less frequent and more specific. Let’s not forget louder. Welcome to the world of whining!
5. More Assertive
Now that baby can move, they are able to get the things they want, but previously couldn’t get to. This makes them more assertive in claiming “mine”.