Baby’s Summer Safety Checklist

Summer-Safety-Guide-for-BabiesThe sun’s out, the pool is glimmering, the barbecue’s a sizzling, but before you and baby enjoy it all, here is a quick checklist for summertime safety.

– No Sun for Baby. Babies under 6 months should never be exposed to direct rays. Pull out the sunhats, stroller umbrellas, and anything else that creates lots of shade. And don’t forget about the sunscreen! Here’s our favorite.
– Caution in Water. Keep children under 4 years within arms reach when in a pool. Once your child is 4, you can enroll him/her in a swim class for water survival skills. We strongly recommend taking a CPR class as well. Next class is July 20th
Hot Surfaces. Before you let your little one roam free at a playground, make sure there is no metal equipment (especially slides) that can heat up under the sun. Burned bums aren’t fun!
Beware of Bees. Keep your distance from areas that attract bees and other bugs, such as open foods and gardens. Also avoid putting on fragrances and wearing floral-patterned clothing.
Keep em’ Cool. Heat exhaustion is a major concern as temperatures rise. Symptoms include extreme thirst, muscle cramping, and fatigue. If you notice heat illness, spray them with cold water, fan them, and get them in the shade.