The story behind Carmel Blue: A Mother-Grandmother team.

Why Carmel Blue?

“Personally both my Mother and I are very passionate about Carmel Blue! The name is symbolic of my personal journey into parenthood with the birth of my son Carmel. Sleepless nights and other difficulties aside, the discovery and overwhelming elation of what it means to have a child made my blue skies even brighter. My Mother’s support and good counsel were and continue to be, key in raising my son. And she has become a great resource for my neighbors and friends”

~ Sharone Mendes Nassi, owner

Our Mission: We want to bring something completely new to North Beach! In response to the growing population of parents in North Beach and surrounding neighborhoods, we are opening up Carmel Blue. Carmel Blue provides classes, products, support and resources to expectant, new and experienced parents, their babies and the community supporting them. In a time when immediate families often live far away, there is more of a need than ever for a provider of resources and support needed for new parents to have a healthy, happy experience.

As the expression goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Our goal at Carmel Blue is to help form that Village right here in our District of the city of San Francisco.

About Sharone Mendes Nassi – Doula, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher, Sharone draws from her own experience raising her son in North Beach, where she organized neighborhood music groups, to the on-going support before and after birth that she supplies to parents as part of her work as a Birthing Coach and Yoga professional. Prior to diving into mommyhood, Sharone worked as a member of the Design and Product development teams at Levi Strauss & Co and at Pottery Barn, as well as running her own business in Costume and Jewelry. The 15 years spent working with product design and development, have earned her vast knowledge and appreciation of product quality, design and function and a deep awareness of the customer needs.

About Nili Mendes – Nili’s career began over 40 years ago as a Physical Therapist. Working very closely with pregnant women, She realized that most women’s physical and mental preparation for birth was non-existent. As a result Nili then founded and directed one of the first Child Birth preparation centers in Israel and helped women feel empowered and educated towards birthing well before it was the trend. Nili went on to have a flourishing career as an Architect and later as an Art/Architectural newspaper reporter. As a long time Yoga practitioner she also became a certified yoga instructor and taught Yoga for seniors and pregnant women. Her emphasis is on a gentle nurturing yoga practice appropriate for pregnancy/seniors. Nili is CPR certified and was also recently trained in Prenatal Herbal Medicine. As a Grandma of 3, Nili is once again excited to be working, advising and supporting mothers and young babies.


Wishing you all the best on your baby steps as parents!
Sharone and Nili